Revue internationale des technologies en pédagogie universitaire

International Journal of Technologies in Higher Education

Publishing Workflow

Here are the main steps in the publishing workflow, for a total duration of 4-6 months between the submission of a manuscript and the online availability of the article.

  • 1The corresponding author opens an account on the Journal website.
  • 2The author submits a manuscript conforming to all guidelines described on the page Submit an article.
  • 3The editor-in-chief verifies that the text reflects the aims and scope of the Journal, and conforms to its editorial policy.
  • 4Assignation of reviewers.
  • 5Synthesis of reviews sent to the author.
  • 6The author sends to the editor-in-chief a revised version of the manuscript, with a follow-up table of comments and modifications (this process is iterative).
  • 7Copy editing and reference revision, with revised version sent to the author.
  • 8The author finalizes the manuscript and sends it to the editor-in-chief, along with the signed Publishing agreement.
  • 9Page formatting, with formatted version sent to the author, if needed.
  • 10Publication of the article on the Journal website.